Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow …..

Feb 25: Here it is the end of Feb, the bulbs are poking their heads up and some of the trees are starting to have little flower buds on them.  We have had rain for the last 2 days which didn’t bother us at all as we were home just puttering. Last night the weatherman made some reference to snow at the higher elevations and further east from us, so no worries, right ….. Wrong. We woke up to gray skies and heavy rain. Karen and I headed out at 9:30 in the rain and headed home 2 hours later and it was snowing like a son of a gun! We we happy to get home before it got any worse and it did. I figured for the next 3 hours it came down at the rate of just over an inch/hour.

Karen went out the front door to snap some shots and said it was so quiet!  Here are a few shots that she took.

The crocus poking their heads out of the snow.

The little tree in the neighbour’s yard.

The beautiful tree in Rudy’s front yard. You can see how hard the snow is falling.

Have a great day

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